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Welcome to the official blog of Violight, Inc.

Our award-winning toothbrush sanitizers are clinically proven to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria on your toothbrush with germicidal UV light.

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28 April 10

VIOlight & Unicorn Booty

Today’s the last day of the VIOlight promos on Here’s your chance to win one of our products and be sure to use the special code for a 20% discount. Go here for more.

4 April 10

Easter Special: Zapi on HSN!

Zapi is on HSN today and tomorrow for an unbeatable price…just $19.95! We are on air Easter Sunday during the 12PM and 7PM hour, and Monday at around 9:15 AM (all Eastern Time) or go to Happy Easter!

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30 March 10
Why does a toothbrush company get a cool name like violight?
— via @Steveninn
28 March 10

Hm. My favorite response to this video: “..just listen to your mpeg player and brush to a better sound…”

23 February 10
There is no way you will get this past Airport Security. Not one of ours. :)
(thanks for the link Brinkjunk!)

There is no way you will get this past Airport Security. Not one of ours. :)

(thanks for the link Brinkjunk!)

9 February 10
11 January 10
Keep germs at bay the silent ninja way.
7 January 10

Bathroom Ninja voted one of NY Daily News “25 Must haves for 2010”

We were all really surprised to find out this morning that our Hi-Ya Zapi was ranked one the the NY Daily News “25 Must haves for 2010”

"Face the new year with a fresh smile! This adorable germ-destroyer features an ultraviolet light that nixes 99.9% of bacterial growth and gunk on your toothbrush, including the current H1N1 virus. Besides, ninjas never go out of style."

10 December 09
Posted: 12:12 PM
- Keeps your teeth Radiation Free!
- Easter eggs with handles?
- yay, disinfecting eggs!!
- how did I ever make it through the first part of life without one of these????
- These are great! Every household should have 15.
- I was just telling my brother the other day how I need an ultraviolet toothbrush sanitizer and holder. Now I can use the toilet again.
- Does this work with a MAC? (McDonalds Big MAC)
- Can you put creatures inside of them and cause mutations? Just think of the possibilities
- Meh, wake me when the ultraviolet toothbrush sanitizer both flosses and vacuums.
- Would it kill bad breath if you stuck your tounge in it?
- Why oh why can’t technology just create a tooth sanitizer?!
- Why do we need a middleman??
- My girlfriend was just saying she wanted something like this, HELLO STOCKING STUFFER!
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